How Bloomberg Philanthropies Is Making Roads in the U.S. and Europe Safer With Beautiful Asphalt Art – Art In The News

The front entrance to Anderston railway station has y rain gardens. Gabriella Marcella, a Scottish artist, was the one who designed the project. The concept was inspired by concerns about the environment such as the heavy rain in Glasgow. Its goal is to improve pedestrian and cyclist movement throughout the city.

In London The initiative was called ‘Bring London Together’. It was a collaboration between London-based artist Yinka Ilori and art students from The London University of Arts. The design was created for 12 intersections and also as a plaza for pedestrians within the heart of London.

What’s so beautiful about the Asphalt Art by Bloomberg Philanthropies Making cities both in the United States and Europe Safe? Through Accelerating Cross-Sector Collaboration

Every asphalt art done through Bloomberg Philanthropies is done with the help of community members. The city is typically involved via its roads and transportation departments as well as some group of artists from the community. Collaborations such as these can make communities feel more engaged in the project. Collaborations with local authorities to make relationships with various organizations. The cross-sector collaboration improves and this means more projects can be started in order to increase road security.

Mixing with traffic-calming measures

When road fatalities are increasing and the cost of road deaths is rising, beautiful art on asphalt may be the best solution to improve the safety of streets for pedestrians and riders. This is especially true because artwork is combined with measures to reduce traffic to reduce the speed of vehicles.

For example, in Kansas City (Missouri), the project of asphalt art transformed one of the most dangerous intersections not just with street paintings but also by using markers and planters. The asphalt art project was able to increase the width of sidewalks and narrower car lanes without the utilization of asphalt pavers. The average speed of vehicles dropped by 45%, and the percentage of pedestrians that feel safe walking on Kansas City roads r


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