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this case, you may miss from what could be the ideal venue to hold your wedding. The guest list must also be considered when looking to find the perfect location. You should consider what you can do to help make guests and their parents feel comfortable at the wedding. It might be worth considering hiring a portable toilet part of your wedding planning. When you find a venue make sure that the decorations are done correctly, and this is going to become a huge task removed from the equation.
What about the décor?

The decor of your venue at the time of your big day can be dictated by a number factors, including the season, the theme of your wedding, and the location it self. The venue doesn’t need to be decorated each day of your wedding. If you don’t require flowers, then you may pick a theme with no flowers. If you want a certain kind of floral arrangement, figure out if you’ll be able to get it in the season that your wedding will be held in. In addition, you should know what the price will be so you’re aware of how much you need to budget for it. Also, you can pick another kind of bouquet in the event that the type you want isn’t available. It is possible to make your own wedding decoration if you’d like to make it personal and save money. Before you decide to take this path you must first determine how you can accomplish it. If you’re happy with the look and feel you’ll achieve and you feel confident that you’re able to handle the decor yourself, there’s no reason why you should not do it. The best thing to do is ask your loved ones and family for assistance and get started on your decorations. Don’t overlook this important aspect of your 90-day wedding plan.

Is Your Dress Fitting Correctly?

Although this might seem like an unnecessary suggestion, be sure to add fitting your dress to the 90-day wedding checklist. Maybe you’ve already started shopping for your dress.


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