Questions to Ask a Used Car Dealer – Money Savings Expert

The process doesn’t have to be a stressful experience when you purchase a pre-owned vehicle. There are some important questions you must ask each used car dealer before you sign the papers. This list contains some important questions you should inquire about.

To begin, you must confirm the total price of the vehicle. It is possible to see dealers claim a cheaper price than the actual vehicle. This is something you should confirm before visiting the dealership.

It is also recommended to ask for a copy of the background report of the vehicle. The report will include information including any accidents and if the vehicle is suffering serious damage or was used as rental vehicle.

Also, ask whether the dealer has completed any repairs to the vehicle, and confirm that they’ve checked the car prior to placing it up for auction. You might find damages which aren’t listed on your car’s historical report.

The right questions at the right time could assist you in finding the ideal used car and get the best price. Are there any questions about buying a used vehicle at a used auto dealer? See the video above for more information.


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